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Posing Guide for Wedding Photographers

Posing Guide for Wedding Photographers

We've all been there. You're photographing a wedding day with a beautiful couple and suddenly your brain freezes. All of your posing prompts disappear from your memory. It's a photographer's worst nightmare and can very quickly make you feel almost as self aware as your couples! But don't despair!

My Posing Guide contains over 40 images to replicate for couples and your bridal party in a handy PDF format, and aims to alleviate amnesia and give you a visual image bank of ideas, which you can either verbally or physically show to your couples to replicate!

However, posing people isn't just about showing people what to do, it's about building a valuable connection with them. Giving them the confidence to feel and look great in front of the camera. My Posing Guide also gives you key tips on how to achieve this, so that everyone has a positive experience and comes away feeling brilliant!

40+ poses for your wedding couples and their wedding party, delivered in one handy PDF with hints and tips along the way.

This course will be delivered as a PDF digital download upon completion of payment, therefore unfortunately the course cannot be refunded. If you do have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out. Courses under the Grace Elizabeth Educational umbrella must also not be shared with others as they are the intellectual property of Grace Elizabeth Photography. Any sharing of the course can be tracked.

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