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Small girl, BIG dreams.

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Well Hello There!

I'm Grace Elizabeth, a five foot tall, Doc Marten wearing, tattoo-collecting, tea-drinking wedding and lifestyle photographer. Originally an Essex girl, I moved to Devon as a teenager, and I not only fell in love with the place, but also with the people, when I found the love of my life there too.
Love is really the centre point of what I do. It is what connects us as humans. Most importantly, it fuels my purpose in life. My purpose? To document love stories.
Here's a little insight into me and my world.

Get to know me

The Personal Stuff

Live what you love.

I am a super dedicated, passionate, spiritual and emotional person (hello water signs!), and my personality, beliefs and view of the world have absolutely been impacted by the incredible people that I have met along the way.

When I'm not working, I'm probably exploring, snuggling my big dog Floyd, or dreaming of my next big idea. I'm fuelled by countless cups of tea (I'll take mine with oat milk, no sugar!), avocado toast, dark chocolate, and I'll never turn down a bourbon biscuit. I express my personality through the tattoos I collect, my colourful dungarees, and my dedication to Doc Martens. I'm also a self confessed plant lady - I think I have more plants than I have friends (I'm not sure if that's a good thing!)

I adore long conversations with likeminded people, watching the sun set and turn into stars, and driving at night singing along to loud music and laughing uncontrollably. Most importantly I love making people feel happy. We all need more happiness in the world, and if I can share a little with you, then I will.


Moved from Essex to Devon

Who knew that this would be such a life-changing move! This is where it all began...

Met my boyfriend, Jack

At just aged 16 whilst studying my A Levels, I met the love of my life, Jack. Or rather, I was quite literally set up with him by some of my closest friends, who eagerly punched my phone number into his phone and vice versa, and demanded we went on a date. Well, they were matchmakers, because Jack and I have been together now since 2012. And after eight years of our nine year relationship apart, we have finally ended up in the same place.


Shot my first wedding!

The same friend who set me up with Jack also managed to land me my first wedding! Whilst studying my A Levels in Photography, I took it on, and fell in love with it. The rest was history!

Moved away from Devon and started my Degree

I said my last goodbyes, and moved away from Devon in the summer, commencing what would be an eight year long distance relationship. In the autumn, I started my BA Hons in Creative and Editorial Photography. It wasn't an easy journey, and I had to do my second year from home, but it remains one of my biggest achievements!

february - june

Started my business and finished my Degree!

After finishing my two year degree in Creative and Editorial Photography, I went on to get my full BA Hons in Photography. In the February of my last year, I went self employed and officially started my business! I later graduated with a First Class Honours!

Quit my job and went full time!

In 2017, I took the leap to being a full time photographer, which is in equal measure one of the most terrifying yet exciting things I've ever done! But I've never looked back and I LOVE my job more than anything, and here I am today!


Catch up with me on my journal

I love storytelling, and sharing the thoughts that occupy my mind.
Head on over to my blog to see more of my ramblings (and the occasional photo of my big dogs!)

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The Professional Stuff

My ethos and style

Defining your style as a creative is really hard, because it's difficult to put yourself into a box...

I am nothing other than a hopeless romantic. I find beauty in everything, from the littlest things to the biggest things, and I am a believer that we all have the ability to leave the world in a better place than it began. My drive in life is to learn from others, to shape myself as a better human. I feel so grateful that my job allows me to meet a multitude of humans, from all corners of the world. It is our diversity that makes us so wonderful, and I relish in our differences.

I live for documenting real, authentic moments. Getting under the skin of my clients, and breaking down the barriers they put up to the world, is critical to me. The most beautiful moments are the silent, intimate ones, but also the ones filled with so boundless joy. I strive to document the moments that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Moreover, I aspire for each frame to be viewed as if a tiny patchwork piece; individually holding it’s own, but equally part of a bigger picture.

I believe that everything in life is linked, both physically and spiritually, and that everything happens for a reason. I hope for the moments I document to have the nostalgic effect of taking you back to certain conversations, smells or feelings. I endeavour for the photographs I take to age beautifully, and purposefully.