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14 Email Templates for Wedding Photographers

14 Email Templates for Wedding Photographers

Starting out on your photography journey and not sure how to word your emails?

Not sure how to reply to an initial email?
Sending your first contract?
Or an invoice?
Sending over a post-zoom call email?
Checking in on a couple?

I got you!

This guide is packed with 14 email templates which you can copy and edit to your hearts content! Covering:
- Initial email enquiry response
- Already booked email
- Initial email follow up
- Post call / zoom email
- when a client says yes!
- if a client says no
- sending wedding contract
- sending retainer invoice
- post-booking signing/paying
- sending final balance invoice
- month before check in
- week before check in
- sending sneak peek gallery - sending final wedding gallery

14 tried and tested email templates for wedding photographers!

This course will be delivered as a PDF digital download upon completion of payment, therefore unfortunately the course cannot be refunded. If you do have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out. Courses under the Grace Elizabeth Educational umbrella must also not be shared with others as they are the intellectual property of Grace Elizabeth Photography. Any sharing of the course can be tracked.

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