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Verity and Tom

Verity and Tom. How wonderful you are!! 🥰

Yesterday evening I finally got to meet the truly lovely Verity and Tom, who roadtripped all the way from Somerset to come and meet me! Their wedding is only next month, but we still hadn’t met! After a handful of postponements due to horrible weather, and then me being stuck in Essex, they were incredibly understanding and still squeezed in time to hang out for their pre wedding session. It was so worth it in the end!!They were both quite nervous about having their photos taken, and admittedly I was too, as they’re both over a foot taller than I am! But you’d never know any of those things because the session turned out so well!

We got along amazingly (I loved Verity’s docs and leopard print combo, it’s a bit of me!), and it was just a blast. It felt like hanging out with two friends, which is more than I could ever ask for. Thank you so much to you both for making the long trip to see me and for being so easy to work with. You’re gems!

Verity and Tom