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Toby and Chloe

Come rain or shine, let’s have a wedding! 🌧

Oh my goodness I am SO excited to share Chloe and Toby’s previews with you today! This rainbow, sparkly, pastel powered wedding blew away all of the stormy clouds on Saturday, and brought so much vibrancy and fun to what could’ve been a total washout. It’s all about your mindset. These two are the epitome of what it means to embrace whatever comes your way… which even meant having their outdoor ceremony moved indoor mid ceremony! Everyone got soaked in what was honestly a torrential downpour, but their faces still had smiles on, and better still, they have a story to tell!

I’m genuinely so thankful to work with couples like these two. They were up for all of my ideas, rolled with whatever the day gave them and were just total gems. Not to mention the styling of their day was just beautiful. Very much worth the postponements I would say! I also wanted to thank their family and friends for being so wonderful towards me too! Weddings in the rain aren’t always easy but you all made my job so much fun, I’m so up for embracing whatever comes our way and having an entire wedding who felt the same was just incredible!I’ll definitely be sharing more sneak peeks from this one, even just choosing a few here was an impossible task! Thank you Chloe and Toby for trusting me to photograph your day, it was undeniably fantastic!

Wow Grace - we are so blown away with the photos you are so talented you have really exceeded all of our expectations! I love all the photos where everyone is drenched! You’ve really captured the day! Thank you for all you hard work
Toby and Chloe