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Suzanne and Troy

If you're looking for boho wedding inspiration - this is for you! Some seriously luxury wedding inspiration here!

Picking just 25 frames for the previews for this wedding is near enough impossible because there are not only so many beautiful moments but so much incredible decor to share! Suzanne and Troy wed in the forest glade at Marshwood Manor, nestled in Dorset, in what was a truly magical, beautiful day.

They genuinely spared no expense with this wedding, which was 18 years in the making! After having a family together, Suzanne and Troy opted for a celebrant-led wedding, surrounded by their very nearest and dearest family and friends. Suzanne has the most keen eye for decor and detail, it was beyond anything I think I have ever seen! At times I had to remind myself that this was a real wedding and not a styled shoot! From the flowers, to the food (there were three wedding cakes!), to the guest book (a globe!), the live music, the rustic decor, flower cloud, forest glade wedding, touches from New Zealand, where Troy proposed... the list goes on. This wedding was truly gorgeous and I feel I am doing it such an injustice with my descriptions!

The wedding itself was so special, for the couple peacefully wed across a bridge over a stream, whilst the rain quietly fell around them. Their children sang and did readings, whilst their eldest son walked Suzanne down the aisle. After their ceremony, the rain cleared for their family photos in the fields of gold, and everyone then wandered back to enjoy live music and scones. After dinner, I borrowed the couple for a few couple portraits around the grounds, just before the rain rolled back in again.

With this one, the photos really speak for themselves, but it's also worth noting how incredibly lovely this couple were. They really took me under their wing on the day and it was very much like I was an extension of their family. I am so grateful to couples like this, Suzanne and Troy, your wedding was genuinely sublime and a true honour to be a part of!

Suzanne and Troy