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Sophie and Peter

The sweetest couple; Sophie and Peter. 💜

My goodness, how I have been waiting to share this wedding!! Sophie and Peter’s wedding on Saturday in South Devon was unreal. Sophie searched high and low for a photographer and was super nervous to book someone, but honestly I am so thankful she chose me as photographing them both felt like hanging out with two friends. It’s days like this where my job doesn’t feel like a job at all. They are the sweetest couple and deserve the absolute world. 🥺Their wedding was hit with relentless rain all day, but you know what? I love it all the more for it. Who wants golden hour when you can climb up the headland behind your church and make *the most* atmospheric, incredible photos?! Not us! Sophie told me how important these particular photos were to her and so we got-footed it up there right after the church ceremony. The view overlooks Wembury beach where she spent her childhood summers. It was blustery, rainy and cold, with only a few surfers out, looking like dots in the ocean… but they embraced every second and I just adore these photos as a result. 💜

Summarising their day in 10 slides really doesn’t feel like it does it justice, so I’ll have to do a reel to fit more in! But for now, here are a few of my favourite frames from the day. Thank you so much to you both for giving me full trust and for making time to create in weather that most people might’ve shied away from. I am so, so thankful. 💜

Sophie and Peter