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Smith Family

The Smith family. ✨

How precious are these four?! Yesterday evening I met Stacey, Aaron, Eli and baby Alfred for their pre wedding session ahead of their wedding later this month. And yes, that’s their newest little one swaddled up… he’s just four weeks old. 🥺

Eli took the lead with this shoot, zipping around, running towards the water, cheeky grin adorning his face. All whilst shouting that we have to ‘stay away from the sea monsters!’ He has since told his mum he wants another photoshoot, so I think that’s a sign of all the fun we had!From the outside these shoots might look like chaos. Parents mind find themselves apologising. But to me there is so, so much magic in that chaos. I adore when kids take the lead with shoots, because you want the photos to look and feel like you, and when a three year old is calling the shots, it’s inevitable. Also can we talk about the magic of last night’s sunset?! ✨Thank you all for coming to see me, it was genuinely an absolute joy to finally get to meet you all! I cannot wait for your wedding now! Not long to go! 🥰

Wow they are beautiful. I love how peaceful they look considering the mayhem of running after Eli ❤️ Thank you so much again for making us feel at ease x x
Smith Family