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Sian and Jack

Sian, Jack and their furry friend Gus. 🐾

When life gives you lemons (in this case, buckets of rain), you make lemonade (read: incredible photos!) Sian and Jack totally embraced their wedding day on Saturday at the gorgeous @haynedevon, and despite the rain, they had the most incredible day filled sunshine - although not physically, they really brought the good vibes. They were the most relaxed couple, too. Although the registrars were running half an hour late and the rain was scheduled for their ceremony time, somehow it stayed put to see them get married, to get all of their family photos and couple photos taken, and there was a smile on everyone’s faces the entire time. You can’t ask to work with better people when things like this are beyond your control. 💜

This trio are truly so wonderful, I can’t really express it enough. I knew as soon as Sian enquired that we would get along, they just put their full trust into me and it meant the world, as well as giving me full creative freedom. Not to mention, their dog @agoldiecalledgus is a rescue dog from the same rescue that my dog @floydtherescuedog is from, so we bonded over our doggos too! 💜

Sian and Jack, I can’t thank you enough or put into words how grateful I am to have been a part of your day on Saturday. You deserve all of the happiness in the world and I’m so happy I could see you get married and share in your relaxed celebrations. 💜

Thank you SO much Grace ❤️ I don't know how you did it but you managed to give two very awkward humans the wedding photos we never even dreamt of! Such a star!!✨️ thank you thank you thank youuu
Sian and Jack