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Shannon and Rhys

Shannon and Rhys. ✨

What a genuine privilege it was to photograph this milestone session. Shannon and Rhys are one of my 2021 wedding couples, and just this weekend they came all the way from Essex to Cornwall for their maternity session. When I tell you my heart is so full, I mean it. 🥺

It was absolutely wonderful to see them both again, even though it rained buckets, they fully embraced the elements and even the foamy tides… and my goodness did it make for the most gorgeous photos. I think gloomy beach sessions might just be my very favourite!Shannon and Rhys you know by now that I have so much love for you both. Being able to celebrate in this new chapter with you and create something that will mean something for the rest of your lives is something I feel very grateful for. Thank you always for your trust and for being so easy on my lens - you are a dream! ✨

Omg Grace, we've just looked at all of them and they are stunning. Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job. Can't thank you enough as they are just so so beautiful! xx
Shannon and Rhys