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Shannon and Gav

A day two and a half years in the making. ✨

What a rollercoaster we have all been on together! Covid wrecked Shannon and Gav’s wedding plans back in 2021, so they had to push their wedding back to this year. But my goodness was it worth it!! These two feel like friends at this point, and I am truly SO grateful that they stuck with me throughout everything, as it was a dream to see them get married at @burrow_farm_gardens yesterday!

Our first emails go all the way back to 2019, so it’s safe to say that seeing them get married yesterday amongst their family and friends was such an incredible experience. Their day was so full of joy, colour and fun, I don’t think it’s actually possible to find a photo of Shannon looking unhappy - as Gav quite rightly pointed out in his vows! They are truly the most wonderful, happy people, and along with their son Oscar, were a joy to photograph and celebrate with yesterday. 💜

See that’s the thing with my job. It goes beyond just being a ‘job’ or providing a service. You become a piece of the day. You end up celebrating with these people. People once strangers and now almost friends. And most importantly you realise the gravity of your job. Weddings are hard work, long days, and somewhat terrifying, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. It’s worth every ounce of stress and worry, especially when your couples are as wonderful as these two! Thank you Shannon and Gav, you’re total legends. 💜

Shannon and Gav