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Robyn and Tim

Robyn and Tim. 🌧️

Rain rain, go away, come back another day… or not, as the case may be. 🤣 This is the rainiest shoot I think I’ve done for a long time. I couldn’t actually see what I was taking photos of for the most part, my viewfinder was fogged up, my camera covered in raindrops, my lens mjsty and myself and my poor couple very, very soggy. 😅

But when you only have today to shoot because your couple aren’t local, you brace yourselves, brave the elements and give it some welly (just wishing we all actually *had* wellies.) 🤞🏻Robyn and Tim, you were troopers and I’m so glad you were happy to still go ahead with last night’s shoot! I had so much fun frolicking along Saunton with you. I think the surfers in their full wetsuits with hoods, and the dog walkers in their dry robes thought we were bonkers. But hey, life is for living, and we sure as heck made the best of it! Thank you for bringing so much fun and laughter, I almosttt forgot it was even raining. 😉

Robyn and Tim