Priory Pots

Meet ceramic artist Kate of @priorypots - what an absolute ray of sunshine she is!

A few days ago I had the total joy of photographing Kate in her little studio. She’s been making pottery since the 80s, is super talented, wears dungarees, and has the cutest dog. I think that’s about all you need to know!

Only joking! There is so much I have to say about Kate and her work, she is SO talented! She showed me around her space for her branding shoot, which her husband and daughter had gifted to her some time ago. It was absolutely lovely meeting her. She is so bubbly and kind, not to mention her work is just beautiful. I could absolutely see myself having lots of her pieces in my home!

I photographed lots of pieces from her shop, as well as some photos of her creating and a few headshots. She’s new to social media and websites etc, so these will hopefully help to kickstart her little business, I won’t be surprised at all when she’s got orders to the rafters. She is fabulous!

Thank you ever so much Kate and your family for having me take these for you, I had so much fun meeting and documenting you!

If you'd like to find out more about my branding sessions, please do get in touch!

Priory Pots