Melisa and Stephen

This session was so dreamy. I met with Melisa and Stephen a few days ago to celebrate their engagement during the sunset in one of my favourite photo locations. Despite a few reschedules of the session due to both of our lives being like Tetris and some bad weather too, we finally got there, and my goodness it was worth the wait!

Melisa is the sister of one of my brides, Selina, and it was Selina who booked this session for them ahead of Melisa and Stephen’s wedding next month. Having had to postpone their Scottish wedding, she wanted to give them something positive to look forward to, and I’m so glad I got to be a part of this milestone in their lives!

Honestly I feel like my work has become elevated to an entirely new level post Covid. I am so eager and excited to meet with people and do the best job I possibly can, and this session might just have to go down in the books as one of my favourites. Thank you so much Melisa and Stephen for your time, and Selina for booking this for them. What a wonderfully thoughtful thing to do!

Grace has just done our engagement photoshoot and produced absolutely stunning pictures we will cherish forever! She is a lovely person too, made us feel at ease and made it fun which we really were not expecting! She chats away as if she's known you for ages so it wasn't awkward at all. She responds super fast and given us photos we truly adore. So glad my sister bought this as a present for us as we probably would never have given it a go. But it was 100% worth it and more. Thank you Grace!
Melisa and Stephen