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Lucy and Yousef

Two of the most compassionate, kind, trusting people you will ever meet. Lucy and Yousef put their full trust in myself and the lovely Andy at @unionvideo to document their wedding day yesterday (yes, this is a real wedding!) and my goodness what a day it was. 🌞

I texted my mum when I arrived at bridal prep and said ‘I don’t know how I’ve landed a wedding like this’ and I meant it. Often I take a step back and wonder how on earth this is my job, it blows my mind. Not only was their wedding aesthetically absolutely stunning but Lucy and Yousef are so wonderful and relaxed. It felt like being a friend invited to be a part of their day rather than a supplier. So special. 💜

This was the first time I’d photographed at @uptonbarnweddings too and I have to say, it’s blew my socks off! We were so well looked after, and the venue and grounds are just stunning. You can’t NOT have an amazing time here, whether you’re a couple, guest or supplier.Thank you Lucy and Yousef for your incredible hospitality. Photos like this are only possible with your trust, so thank you. 🥰

😭😭😭😭😭 Tears rolling down my face. As if that’s me?!? (Never felt so lovely in a picture) These are beautiful & amazing I CANT BELIEVE THESE ARE OUR PICTURES
Lucy and Yousef