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Lisa and Mike

Lisa & Mike. ⭐️

Wow, what a wedding to be a part of! Tuesday saw the wonderful Lisa and Mike make their life long promises to one another in the rustic chapel at the gorgeous @ashbartonestate. This venue is on my doorstep and also happens to be one of my favourites… and it’s easy to see why! I mean look at that reception set up; like a starry night sky. ✨Lisa and Mike, along with their families and friends, were so incredibly lovely. With open arms they welcomed both myself and my wonderful dad, who, for the first time ever, accompanied me as my second shooter. I’ve included many of his photos here, most of the candid frames and even some of the couple portraits are by him! I’m so incredibly proud of him and having him there seems to have gone down brilliantly! We had a lot of compliments on how wholesome it was to see a ‘father daughter team’. 🥹 Let me know if you think he should be a part of the team full time (I think he should 😉)🥰

Lisa and Mike, and special mention to Loki, who is arguably the most well behaved dog ever, thank you for your hospitality and for being such incredible people. People like you are why we do what we do as photographers. You gave us your full trust, got out in the cold, and had fun the entire day. From the bottom of my heart I am so thankful. My dad even commented on how I was absolutely in my element, something he hasn’t really seen in day to day life, and I have to say that is so much down to the people I’m blessed to work with. So thank you. 🥹💜

Lisa and Mike