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Lily and Harry

Oh Lily, Harry and Connie...

Yesterday morning I drove back from Devon, and in the evening I met up with these three ahead of their wedding later this month. It’s quite funny, as after all of this time booking them I hadn’t met them in person due to the distance (they live in the US!), and now I’ll be seeing them on both the 1st and 31st of July.

We headed to one of their favourite dog walking spots, not far from where Lily’s family are from… well, that is of course after we got past a literal film set. I wonder what was being filmed there?! It’s such a small world too, as I went to secondary school with Harry’s little sister. It’s amazing how years later the world can bring you together with people from times gone by!

It was lovely meeting them both in real life rather than zoom, and we had a lot of fun exploring and basking in the glorious sunlight. I cannot wait to do your wedding now Lily and Harry, you were so wonderful and were just the best way to start my month of work here in Essex! Thank you so much for sharing a new location with me, too! 💜

Lily and Harry