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Lily and Harry

There are people you meet in your life who you might describe as total rays of sunshine… Lily and Harry are one of those couples.

Their DIY wedding day, situated in the back garden of Lily’s family home, was just sublime. It was the perfect summertime wedding. What’s most impressive about this wedding too is that not only did they plan it from the USA where they both now reside, but they wanted to encourage an eco friendly, sustainable angle to their day, which meant choosing their suppliers really carefully, and doing as much of it themselves as possible! The couple even encouraged people to re-use outfits they’d previously worn, Lily didn’t wear a traditional wedding dress (as it was something she would’ve only worn once) and everything was carefully thought out. I was overjoyed when they asked me to be their wedding photographer, even though I went to school with Harry’s younger sister, who is my age!

I love that their wedding was about saying no to tradition too, from having their wedding in Lily's parents' back garden, to having the family dog at their wedding (you'll spy them in all the couple photos), to having a friend officiate the ceremony, DIY-ing the flowers and the drinks and canapés, and even all of the women in the HCLF’s wearing variations of cream and white. The HCLF’s were a literal team of ‘groomsmen and bridesmaids’ who helped to pull the day together, make sure it ran on schedule, and assist with any and everything, without needing to fit into the normal stereotypical 'bridesmaid and groomsmen' role, which they were keen to avoid.

Their day was so perfect, it really couldn’t have gone any better, and it gave me so much food for thought. It was a privilege to be a part of!

Lily and Harry