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Libby and Kate

Thursday was just perfect...

After more than a year and a half of planning and a year of things being touch and go, Thursday finally saw the lovely Libby and Kate make their vows to one another at Villiers Barn. It was the most joyous (and definitely slightly emotional!) day spent with their two dogs, and their closest family and friends - over 100 of them in fact - and for me this finally felt like a real, good old summer wedding. And it was the BEST feeling!

‘You’re exactly what we needed.’ Kate said to me during their couple photos. They didn’t want to spend a long time away from their guests, so I nabbed them for ten minutes whilst people were settling into the reception. It just gave them that little bit of headspace that I knew they’d need. A wedding day is beyond bonkers, you’ll feel like you haven’t stopped all day, so the couple photos just give you a moment to be present with one another. Libby and Kate I cannot tell you how much of a privilege it was to be your wedding photographer. Thank you so much for your trust and for bringing so much sunshine to the day. I hope you had the day you’ve both dreamed of. Oh and also, I am still obsessed with your dogs - they were the best behaved pups!!

Libby and Kate