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Lee Family

Meet one of my best friends. 🥺✨

Yesterday evening I had the absolute honour of photographing one of my very best friends, Kayleigh, and her beautiful family: husband Mark and little one, Brodie. She’s a fellow photographer over at @snapdragonphotoweddings and she has been such a positive energy in my life since we first started talking last year. We became friends mostly through voice notes, and let me tell you now not a day goes by where we don’t chat, I’m so grateful to have her!

Being able to create for your clients is always a great honour, but when that person is also one of your best friends *and* a photographer, the pressure is on! Being on the other side of the lens is usually super daunting for us as photographers but these three smashed it! She said ‘I can’t believe that’s us in the photos’ when she saw them, and most importantly Brodie told me via a video message that he also had fun at the shoot - so I think I’ve got the seal of approval. 🦭

Kayleigh, Mark and Brodie, thank you. It was genuinely such an honour to photograph you all. 🥺💜

Only just got round to looking through them! They're wonderful Grace, truly the ones of Brodie just make my heart burst! I'll go through them again and favourite my faves & oh and download them! I'll be printing them for all over the house!!! You really are amazing at what you do, thank you so much xxxx
Lee Family