Laurel and Lewis

Laurel and Lewis came all the way from Birmingham for their pre wedding session with me earlier this year, ahead of their wedding at The Old Parish Rooms, which was planned for April 2020… Only they have recently had to make the absolutely heartbreaking decision to put their wedding on hold due to the Coronavirus outbreak. So, in light of all of the negativity that surrounds us, and to hopefully cheer them up on this grey Wednesday afternoon, I thought it was a lovely time to share some of my favourite frames from their Mersea Island pre wedding session.

At first, I wasn’t quite sure if I would be able to do the session. My grandad was terminally ill in hospital, and I had spent my day inside struggling with his imminent loss. But I decided to go ahead. Laurel and Lewis turned up beaming with smiles, Laurel bearing bunches of tulips, and Lewis handed me some Harley Davidson catalogues, since he knew I was getting into motorbike riding and wanted to give me something to have a look through. Immediately I was so taken aback by their kindness and I knew that the session was going to be a really lovely way to end a difficult day.

We trotted along to the beach, Laurel and I chatting as if we’d been friends for years (mostly because we chat almost every day on instagram!), and despite Lewis’ reservations about having his photo taken, it wasn’t long before the two of them were embracing one another and laughing their way through the session without a care in the world! We were so lucky with the weather too. The sun shone so bright, and then it disappeared, and then it shone again… It was a photographic nightmare, but actually it kept us on our toes and we ended up laughing about how it was teasing us!

I am grateful that we were able to meet and that we had a good laugh ahead of everything that has since happened. Knowing that a couple have to postpone their wedding is just heartbreaking. You really do end up becoming so close to your clients and I know this wasn’t a decision they took lightly. But since they’re very much a ‘glass half full’ kind of couple, after signing their new contract Laurel said: ‘Well, I now have more time to save up for an even better wedding dress, and Lewis and I both get another stag and hen do… and on our original date, we will just have a ceremony at home and make our vows to one another.’

Honestly, I am so inspired by the way that people deal with things in their lives. This job and the people I meet has taught me so much about how we as humans deal with situations, even when things aren’t easy, people are always making lemonade from lemons, and it’s really admirable.

Laurel and Lewis, thank you so much for choosing me to be your wedding photographer!

Laurel and Lewis