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Laura and Hugo


A barefoot engagement shoot on a sunny Croyde beach in Devon in February… I’m sure everyone thought we were bonkers whilst they were wrapped up in their coats and scarves. But my goodness was it WORTH IT. 🙌🏻

Laura and Hugo could not have been better sports!! They trekked over two hours to see me, kicked off their trainers, and embraced all of my ridiculous prompts. They spent most of the time in absolute stitches of laughter, running along the beach and even into the sea! And the photos? Ahh they are just everything and more! When you get to work with people who are on the exact same page as you, absolute magic can happen! Thank you Laura and Hugo for being so effortlessly yourselves! ✨

I am so, so pumped about this year. I literally cannot wait to work with each of my couples and families, honestly 2023 is going to be incredible! If you’re as bananas as me and want photos like this, please get in touch!

Laura and Hugo