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Kirsteen and Chris

Kirsteen and Chris. 💜 (And Bruce! 🐮)

My goodness, what a wedding. I was truly loving life on Saturday photographing these two, along with their pup Millie, Kirsten’s horse Rocky (who accompanied her as she rode him down the aisle!) and of course @countryways_devon main man, Bruce the highland cow. I genuinely don’t have many words for this day other than saying how blooming incredible it was - and also, what a golden hour! ✨

These two are so wonderful, they have the perfect mix of a quiet calm between two hearts, yet also have a super hilarious sassy side that comes out on occasion. Although they had initial reservations about being photographed (Chris had avoided cameras for over 10 years!) after their pre wedding session a couple of weeks ago they were like different people with me. Chris went from hiding to suggesting some of the photos we then took! It was incredible! They absolutely embraced and totally shone on their wedding day, whilst I followed them around like a third wheel, and the photos are proof of how much they trusted me. I am truly so thrilled that they love them. 🥺

Kirsteen and Chris, thank you for just being you, and for allowing me to be me. You were amazing and I’m so glad you didn’t mind me obsessing over all of the animals. 🤣 You’re my kind of people! 💜

Kirsteen and Chris