Katy and Iain

Oh how I loved photographing Katy and Iain in Woolacombe, I just cannot get enough of them. Their session was absolutely beautiful and only got more and more wonderful as the sun began to set and become more golden, and they became more relaxed.

The couple booked me whilst they were on holiday in North Devon. Although not based far away in Exeter; the pair are both from up country originally, and as they’ve gotten older they’ve gained such an appreciation for the coast. I feel much the same way. I spent a lot of time exploring as a child but there’s always something about the sea, especially in Devon. It drives me creatively and I live for the freedom it gives me. There’s nothing better than having the coastline almost to yourselves, feeling the sand between your toes (or in your shoes; if you’re like me 🤣) and having the wind make your hair all knotty and windswept.

This was such a sweet, relaxed session, and it was a joy hanging out with them for an hour or so whilst the sun set. Thank you so much to both of you for asking me to document your first ever photos together!

It's so easy to instantly connect with Grace. She immediately puts you at ease and it feels like you're just spending time with one of your good friends. While the photos she takes are absolutely stunning with their warm tones and effortless feel, Grace is uniquely able to capture the magic of a feeling and you can see joy shine through in every shoot she does. We had such a fun time with the shoot and have some beautiful and happy photos to look back on in the years to come!
Katy and Iain