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Katie, Charlie and Moose

This is what dreams are made of.

Can you believe this is what February on a beach in North Devon looks like?! Me neither! Wednesday’s gorgeous pre wedding shoot with the wonderful trio that are Katie, Charlie and their pup Moose is certainly one I’ll never forget. I keep replaying it over and over in my head, it was so much fun! I cannot wait for their wedding in April next year at @watermouthcoveweddings 💜

The more and more I get to meet with my couples (and their pups!) ahead of their wedding days, and the more I settle into this life here in North Devon, the more affirmed I am that my relocation from Essex to Devon was SO right. I am genuinely thriving doing this job and getting to meet the most wonderful couples and I feel so thankful every day that this is my life. It feels like a dream most days. 💜

Thank you Katie, Charlie and Mr Moose for coming all the way to a very sunny Devon to hang out with me. I had the BEST time with you. Can we do it all over again please?! 🥺🌞

Katie, Charlie and Moose