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Joanna, Doug and Henry

Joanna, Doug and Henry the dog. 🐾

Their enquiry last year read: ‘We really like your style and the fact you have a doggo and that dogs feature in your shoots- we have a golden retriever Henry who will be the honorary best man and would like him to be heavily involved in our day.’ Yes please, sign me up!! 💜

Joanna and Doug marry next summer at @colehayespark, and over the weekend I finally got to meet them all! Henry is an absolute goofball and I had so much fun sharing one of my favourite locations with them whilst photographing them in what felt like gale force winds! We already had to move the shoot forward by six hours because of the weather, and Henry undid all of the beautiful work his groomers had done that morning, but it was all worth it! 🤭

We had an absolute ton of fun and I am now so excited for their wedding day! Thank you Joanna and Doug for making the long journey to see me, I had such a fab time with you! 💜

Joanna, Doug and Henry