Jess & Kerion

It was actually photography that first brought Jess and I together, two years ago, when a message from her first popped up on my Facebook page. Little did I know just how good friends we would become (some say we are like sisters!)...

And that two years later I would be photographing her maternity photos with Kerion. It was literally such a dreamy session, it was every photographers’ dream aesthetically (Jess picked out the cutest outfit and location!) and of course we just had to do some catching up too (naturally!)

Jess is such a special friend to me. I remember when she announced she was pregnant in April with a WhatsApp message that went something along the lines of ‘So, Grace, would you ever do my maternity photos?’ of course she knew I would say yes, but I had no clue that she was literally asking me to do them, in October of this year, because she was pregnant! ‘Is this your way of telling me you’re pregnant?!’ I asked, hesitantly. ‘Well, yes!’ She exclaimed, and honestly I have been just as excited as them both for this little baby’s arrival!

As they inch ever closer to baby’s due date, Jess and Kerion have found out they’re having a baby girl, their sweet little rainbow baby. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a rainbow baby is a name given to the first baby after a loss, miscarriage or stillbirth - of which Jess and Kerion experienced together. I know how much she has always wanted a child, ever since we first met she would always send me cute outfits, and tag me on instagram in baby things she loved.

I am just overjoyed with the photos, and I know how special they are to Jess and Kerion, which means even more to me. Specifically, if you don’t mind, when you’re taking a look, there is one photo I want you to look out for: a portrait of Jess smiling, looking up at Kerion. Why? Well, because it was only after the session, whilst editing, that I noticed a sweet curved rainbow in the corner of the photo, top right, going over both Kerion and Jess’ face. Things in our lives entirely happen for a reason, and this one brought Jess and I to tears.

Jess and Kerion, thank you for trusting me with these photographs of such a special time in your lives.

Love always,

Grace xo

FABULOUS photos! STUNNING packaging! Lovely lady! She made this day perfect and we got perfect results for our maternity shoot! Can't wait to re-book for our newborn session! Love you Grace!!
Jess & Kerion