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Jemma, Luke and Finn

Exploring with your best friend. 🐾

Recently I met up with one of my September couples, Jemma and Luke, who certainly wouldn’t have had their pre wedding session without their pup Finn. Isn’t he a cutie?! I love this first frame of his happy little face looking at me as if to say ‘These are my parents, aren’t they cool?!’ 🥰

We went for a wonderful drizzly walk at Lydford Gorge in the Devon countryside, where we worked our way down a wet, slippery hill to a peaceful waterfall. Jack and Floyd also came along for the walk, so it was such a nice afternoon of exploring!I just love meeting up with my couples to realise how similar we are. Backpacks on, full of dog accessories, and our nervous pups in tow. Jemma and Luke are super dog obsessed just like Jack and I, and it was great just chatting to them and comparing dog notes whilst getting to know them all more! Thank you Jemma and Luke (and Finn!) for sharing a new location with us! 💜

Jemma, Luke and Finn