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Holts Jewellery

How is this even my job?! 🥺

Melissa at @holtsjewellery is always a gem to work with (no pun intended!) We have known each other for three years now after meeting through Instagram, and every time we work together we always make so much magic!! We haven’t done a shoot for two years, but now she’s relocated to beautiful Bath it was time to create some updated branding shots for her website and socials! Her new showroom is GORGEOUS and such an extension of her, I am so proud of everything she has achieved. Being friends with like minded business women is just the best. 💜

My branding shoots for Holts involve styling her rings as perfectly as possible so that she can use them on her social media’s, newsletter and website! She is still using photos from two years ago quite happily, that’s how worth it these shoots are! Sometimes we do headshots too, and this time I also took photos of her new location so that she can get to sharing them. It’s totally flexible and we have plans to work together more regularly, so hopefully you’ll be seeing a lot more sparkly goodness soon!Thank you Melissa for always trusting me, you’re amazing!! 💜

Holts Jewellery