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Hayley and Dan

Hayley and Dan. 💜✨

I am still dreaming about last weekend’s wedding at @westcott_barton. As you might remember, I struggled to share as many photos as I wanted to in my initial post, their wedding was just so gorgeous! Not just in the beautiful styling and details that Hayley painstakingly curated, but in all of the little emotive moments and connections that made themselves known as the day went on. Those are some of the most wonderful things to me. These two gave me some serious grazia magazine vibes in their couple portraits, but at the same time their day was so full of emotion and being true to themselves, and that’s what I adored about them. 💜

As I’ve always said, the most important thing to me is to tap into what it is that makes you *you*. Whether you’re a peaceful couple, loads of fun, a bit unhinged, alternative, boho, relaxed, modern, traditional… anything goes. I love nothing more than tapping into those things and breaking down the barriers people put up. There’s nothing better than getting to know people, documenting the realness and sharing that with others. I want to create images where friends and family say ‘it’s just so *them.*’ That’s always been and always will be my goal. No couple is the same and I love getting to work with and create for every couple as individuals. Thank you Hayley and Dan for trusting me to do that for you. 🥰

Hayley and Dan