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Hayley and Dan

Where to begin with this beautiful family? 💜

Hayley and Dan are one of my wedding couples, and they get married in just a few weeks time at @westcott_barton. How time has flown since they first booked! We have been chatting for what has felt like forever, and so it was lovely to finally meet them a couple of weekends ago for their pre wedding session. They are genuinely the loveliest family! 🌞

Not to mention, the way that they both care for their son Freddie is just so heartwarming. He is a credit to them both and is a little ray of sunshine. I’m also so glad he wasn’t nervous about me, if anything he had such good fun that apparently he didn’t stop chatting about me on their drive home. 🥺💜

We had a wonderful time exploring the dunes here in North Devon, a bit different to up North where they’re from! However, being used to a little rain, they didn’t let it put them off and even though it bucketed down when I arrived for their shoot, they pressed on and miraculously the sun came out - it couldn’t have been better! Thank you ever so much Dan and Hayley for having me take these photographs for you, it has got me so excited for your wedding day! 🥰

Hayley and Dan