Hannah and Michael

What. A. Day. A beautiful couple in a beautiful venue. What more could you want?!

Hannah and Michael’s wedding at the Maison Talbooth on Sunday absolutely finished my weekend off on such a high! Having photographed the lovely Minjoo and James at Hatfield Place the day before, Hannah and Michael were the second couple to get married over my ‘double header weekend’, and my goodness were these two on FIRE (almost literally, because, sparklers!)

I began the day with the fabulous videographer Lewis Adger, bright and early (I would’ve been earlier had I not got lost on the way!) at Michael’s air B and B, where he was just a few minutes away from getting ready. The vibe was super calm, and the guys had left enough time to grab a quick drink at the local pub, The Yew Tree, just a few minutes down the road.

After their pints, Lewis and I headed over to Hannah’s beautiful air B and B to catch her preparations. As you walked in, the smell of hairspray immediately hit you. I knew we were in the right place! A few moments later, a very excited and bubbly Hannah appeared, in her bridal robe which matched that of her bridesmaids and her bridesgay. She led us to her room where she had not one, but two beautiful wedding dresses, and most importantly, her pink sparkly Louboutin’s, which were a gift from her then-fiancé Mike. Not going to lie, I squeaked with excitement when I saw them - they were stunning!

Hannah is the kind of girl who thinks of everything! She has an incredible eye for detail and, I would estimate, having moved her wedding from April in the UK lockdown, to September, she probably had a bit more time to add some more shiny additions, too!

After photographing her details, she gifted her bridal party, including her two nieces, hand-picked presents, and shortly after, her dad got to see her for the first time. ‘I will warn you, he’s like the least emotional man ever. So if he cries, I will be shocked!’ she said. Well, the photos speak for themselves, her dad was beside himself.

We all then hotfooted it to the Maison Talbooth for the ceremony and the reception, where they had the most emotional ceremony. I really love love. I adore seeing people making lifelong vows for one another, and sometimes that does involve a few happy tears too. These two were no exception.

What followed after the ceremony was just the most incredible day. It was the windiest, coldest day, it absolutely felt like winter, but not a single person complained. Everyone was in such high spirits and you can see how much joy was shared in the photographs. It was truly a pleasure to be a part of such a beautiful day with wonderful (and talented) people (many of her friends are hairdressers, who pulled together to create the look for the day!0

Thank you so much Hannah, Mike, your family and friends for having me be a part of your incredible day. It has reminded me of why I love my job so very much!

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Love always,

Grace x

Hannah and Michael