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Erin and Jack

My very last Essex wedding.

Erin and Jack, just wow. I couldn’t have wished to have spent my last wedding in Essex with a lovelier couple. You two have felt like friends over these past two years and being able to document a day you patiently waited truly so, so long for just means the world. Not only that, but to be a part of your journey in documenting your maternity and newborn photographs for little Teddy. A couple who gave me complete trust and the freedom to create. What more can you ask for?

Your message to me earlier today Erin, about how ‘you can see it’s not just a job for you’ really sums up perfectly how I feel about this job. Being able to spend time with you, as my couple, and celebrate with your friends and family is a rare opportunity that not many people get the privilege to share in. Unless they have the coolest job in the world: being a wedding photographer.

Saturday felt so bittersweet. It’s really the end of an era for me. I worked so hard to move my business from Essex to Devon, but it wouldn’t have been possible without couples like these two supporting me. Although I moved back to Devon in November, it feels like the start of a new chapter, but I’m so, so happy to have finished this one with these two. ‘Incredible’ doesn’t even sum them up. 💜

Erin and Jack