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Emma and Chris

Well worth three postponements..!

What an absolutely beautiful day this was! After having to postpone their special day three times, Emma and Chris were finally able to make their vows at the gorgeous a 5* hotel nestled in the Hampshire countryside. The day could not have been more perfect, everyone was in such high spirits and everything came together so brilliantly!

Despite not having met Emma or Chris until they welcomed me at the door to their preparations, it felt like we had known one another ages! Like any good friend, they also took my (slightly biased!) advice of having their pup Baxter at their wedding, and I have to say, he was such a good boy! I still can’t get over his furry feet!

It was so very special and it was honestly a true privilege to witness them both making their vows and just seeing them so happy after a turbulent year. There is nothing better than seeing people happy and in love, and I feel very privileged that that is essentially what my job is all about. Thank you so much for yesterday Emma and Chris, and for your hospitality, you are both such kind souls!

Emma and Chris