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Emily and Jon

What a truly magical elopement this was!

There are always clients that come to you because of the magic of the universe. Emily and Jon were one of those couples. Emily is a holistic nurse, and after chatting for a while a couple of months ago, we knew we were the perfect fit for one another in preparation for their elopement at St Nectan's Glen in Tintagel.

They are truly wonderful souls, who after having to postpone their big wedding abroad, decided to go ahead with a tiny elopement with just their very immediate family, and two very well behaved dogs! Their small ceremony was enchanting, and after, we headed down to the famous St Nectan's waterfall where many people have left stones, messages and well wishes. It is truly magical.

Thank you so much Emily and Jon for inviting me to be a part of your elopement. It was absolutely gorgeous and I am genuinely so thrilled for you both!

Emily and Jon