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Emily and Callum

Emily and Callum. ✨

You won’t meet many souls as pure as these two. It was an absolute honour to be their wedding photographer in Cardiff on Saturday, what a beautiful, happiness-filled day. 💜

Emily and I first met at college when we were in the same A Level photography class over ten years ago. To be asked to be her wedding photographer was such a privilege. They are so precious. The same can be said for their incredible family and friends who welcomed me into the wedding as if I were a part of the furniture, I really do want to extend my gratitude to them also! 🥺

We had such a fab day frolicking in the sunshine around Cardiff. Their sunny disposition was infectious - so, so many people congratulated them as we walked around. I just love observing humans being humans, and Saturday really reminded me of how incredible we are as people. Someone said to me once ‘weddings must be so lovely, you always get to be a part of the happiest day in people’s lives.’ and it’s always stuck with me. This job, and particularly this wedding, fulfilled me and lit a fire within me. Thank you Emily and Callum for your trust, you’re wonderful humans!! 💜

Emily and Callum