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Emily and Andy

Three dates and 16 months later...

What an absolutely gorgeous wedding this was on Saturday. The lovely Emily and Andy have been one of my longest booking couples. I am SO happy that they were FINALLY able to make their vows to one another in the village church near Emily’s parents home. It was all kinds of gorgeous. They then went on to celebrate with over 140 of their nearest and dearest friends and family in not one, but two back gardens! This wedding was a DIY dream and although lacking sunshine physically, these two are just rays of sunshine in themselves and their sunny disposition is infectious!

Their day was packed to the rafters with happiness, laughter and good times - summing it up in ten frames feels rather criminal!! It was all kinds of perfect… even a little bumble bee landed on Emily’s bouquet, which was so quaint. Not a couple to be too worried about their couple photos, the focus for these two was on everything else. There were so many fabulous candid moments, loads of dance floor fun, even an inflatable surfboard buckaroo and just so, SO much happiness. It is so hard to sum up their day in just 25 frames!

Emily and Andy, it was a great privilege to witness you making those well overdue vows. You were wonderful, kind, genuine people and I’m so thankful I could be a part of everything. Thank you for riding this rollercoaster with me and for being total gems!

Emily and Andy