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Ella and Matt

The coolest cats around. ✨

Oh Ella and Matt. What an absolute privilege it was to see you get married on Friday! 🥺

These two were the first of my back to back weddings this weekend: Essex on Friday and Devon on Saturday!Ella and I used to work together, and we have been friends for some years now. When they got engaged and she asked me if I’d be their wedding photographer I was both overjoyed and really humbled. Being able to see someone you know get married is just incredible, and to be able to participate in and photograph the coinciding joy is just so precious. I am truly so, so grateful to have been a part of their wedding day at @thereidrooms. 💜

And what a cool wedding it was! These two ooze style and are super chilled out. They just left me to do my thing and trusted the process, and the photos that resulted are the perfect mix of quirky, fun and most importantly; filled with happiness. In fact they are so ridiculously photogenic that choosing a handful of previews was almost an impossible task! But I’ve done my best!Ella and Matt, my genuine heartfelt thanks not only for inviting me to be a part of your day but for asking me to document arguably the most important, incredible, emotional day you’ll ever experience. It was a privilege to see you get married. The best day ever. 💜

Ella and Matt