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Ella and Joe

Ella and Joe. What wonderful humans!

These two were absolute sunshine on a cloudy day, and I needed that today! After having a really bad morning, I was looking forward to meeting up with Ella and Joe for their pre wedding session at Croyde beach, a place somewhere very special to them. The couple only booked me a week or so ago, but Ella is the most organised person in the world and wanted to celebrate their engagement at her favourite time of the year, and I’m so glad she did because I adore these photos!!

They were so much fun! Running to and from the sea, jumping over puddles, doing piggy backs and tapping into their inner child. And I LOVED IT. They totally turned my day around and I am so grateful to them and to this incredible job, a job which always puts a smile on my face and reminds me of my purpose in this big old world. Creating timeless images for people who are the embodiment of sunshine is just the most incredible feeling. Being able to give something back and make new friendships in the process. This will never get old!Thank you lovely Ella and Joe, and a special thank you to my boyfriend's mum who actually recommended Ella to me. Ahh I just love this job!

Ella and Joe