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Ella and Joe

Ella and Joe. 🌞

When I tell you these two are the most laid back couple I have ever met, I mean it. They are basically horizontal humans, and I love them for it!! They gave me full trust in everything I did and just went with the flow all day. Let me tell you, it got me feeling so creative! I also told Ella that she was like sunshine in human form - I hope you can see it too! ✨

I had the absolute best day with them on Saturday. They got married at the tiniest little church in their village in Devon, and I even sat with the vicar for dinner, too! She was so excited to be invited to a wedding reception and had ‘never dressed up a dog collar before.’ 🥺

The couple held their reception at one of their favourite places: @exe_valley_farm_shop_ Joe mentioned in his speech how wonderful it was to have all of their favourite people in their favourite place, and how that will probably never happen again. It’s so very true. Weddings really do make you appreciate everything and everyone in your life, and I always feel so grateful to be invited to share in these incredibly special days. Thank you Ella and Joe, you rock!!

Grace I just wanted to call cause I don’t think I can express in text how grateful I am for these photos. As you know we were completely relaxed and unbothered about what photos were taken, which probably left you feeling a little bit directionless. We wanted to feel like we were having a wedding and not a photoshoot, but accepted that might mean we missed some golden opportunities. Somehow despite our blasé attitude towards the whole thing you have taken and given us the most beautiful and special photos. And captured some of the most special moments of the day- even those moments that only lasted a second (I.e joe serenading me) One of my favourite parts of the day was walking to the church with my family. And I didn’t realise you had taken a photo of that, but I am so glad you did. Honestly think you have a time-turner (Harry Potter) cause can’t otherwise understand how you managed all of this!
Ella and Joe