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Dom, Nat and Ziggy

Dom, Nat and Ziggy. 🐾 Absolute perfection. 🥺

Yesterday the truly wonderful Dom and Nat drove all the way from Somerset to come and meet me in North Devon, with their rambunctious but also incredibly well behaved pup Ziggy in tow. It’s a good job I didn’t bring Floyd with me because I know these two would’ve just been best buds. Isn’t he a beauty? 🥺

Their session was truly incredible and I feel so grateful that they’ve chosen me to be their wedding photographer. Despite being a bit nervous they threw themselves into everything (including the sand, which Ziggy made sure to cover everyone in 🤣) and it was just the best. Their session is now one of my favourites ever! The landscape, the colour palette, the couple, their doggo, their clothing choices, their free spirited attitude and just total summer vibes. It was basically a dream!! 🌞

Dom, Nat and Ziggy