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Chloe and Drew

Drew & Chloe. 🌞

My goodness this session has been a long time coming! This wonderful pair get married later this month at @deerparkcountryhouse and I cannot WAIT! In the lead up to this session there was lots of driving, one broken arm, countless rainstorms and location changes, but we finally got there and my gosh were we blessed!! What an evening we had on Sunday at Saunton! ✨

These two are so much fun, and so easy to get along with. We actually have a wedding group chat and it’s full of all the good vibes. We spent most of their pre wedding session chatting away and putting the world to rights. Most importantly we agreed that good photos shouldn’t look a certain type of way, but that they should make you FEEL something. These stunners managed to combine both elements. The weather was glorious, the light was perfection, and their nerves quickly disappeared and I was able to bring out the best of their amazing personalities. They trusted me from the moment we met with a big hug in the car park and it absolutely felt like hanging out with old friends.Chloe and Drew, thank you for your amazing patience in getting to this point. You were amazing. Now let’s do this wedding! 🪩

Chloe and Drew