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Chloe and Charlotte

Where do I begin with these ladies?! They were one of my oldest bookings for 2021 and have been the most wonderful, supportive souls throughout the lead up and since their wedding. Absolute gems!

The couple enquired a few years ago now with their idea of planning their wedding to coincide with Charlotte's grandmother's birthday - how sweet is that?! They chose the Lion Inn in Chelmsford, Essex for their special day, and it just felt so cosy and lovely! Very sadly, Chloe lost her wonderful dad in the lead up to their wedding day, but he was never far from our thoughts on the day. She kept his handkerchief on her, and her mum helped her both to get ready and to walk down the aisle. It was a really solemn moment and one I felt very emotional about.

These two genuinely deserve the world and more. They both work for the NHS and have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic, always making time to check in on me and never far away if they needed to chat. Being a part of their intimate wedding day was like witnessing two friends getting married and it was so special. They are also just a bundle of laughter, my cheeks hurt after seven hours with them, it was such a blast!

Thank you Chloe and Charlotte not only for choosing me to be your wedding photographer, but for being such genuinely kind humans. After everything you've been through together you really do deserve the world.

Chloe and Charlotte