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Charley and Hugh

Dogs, forests and lovely couples. 💜

Meet Charley and Hugh and their furry counterparts Luna and Rudy. When they asked about doing their pre wedding session in a woodland so they could bring their dogs, I was absolutely down for the adventure! They both mentioned that they are often found in forests walking their dogs, so what better way to sum them up by doing exactly that for their pre wedding session?! 💜

The couple trekked up from Cornwall to meet me at the gorgeous Eggesford forest here in Devon. Due to rain we pulled the shoot forward by six hours, and I’m so glad we did! Sadly they had already been rained on in their little tent overnight where they’d been camping, but they still arrived in high spirits with big smiles on their faces, and it was genuinely lovely getting to meet them both! I was totally smitten with the pups too, they were so sweet and Rudy particularly was super hilarious!Thank you four so much for coming so far for your photos, and a very happy birthday to you Charley! ✨💜

Omg I love them so much! Thank you!! I'm a bit teary! Rhey're so so lovely thank you! Hugh and I are very impressed there's one with both the dogs facing forwards and it's a nice picture of us at the same time!!!
Charley and Hugh