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Cat and Rhys

Alpacas, trash the dress, good vibes, an amazing couple, their fabulous friends, and lots and LOTS of sunshine. 🌞

Those are the main elements that summed up Cat and Rhys’ wedding on Saturday at @deersleapweddings. Let me tell ya, choosing a handful of photos to try and depict all of those things was impossible, so you can definitely expect more to come as yet! I am literally bursting with excitement to share all of these!! 🤩

These two are absolute firecrackers. We hadn’t met until the day itself but it felt like I’d known them forever. They are so bubbly and easy to get along with and totally trusted me to just do my thing. What more can I ask for?!

Cat works in costume design for tv and film, so it’s no surprise that every element of their day was meticulously planned, and yet despite this their wedding was also so relaxed… I’m talking relaxed enough that Cat was quite happy to trash her dress by asking her wedding party to throw holi powder all over it. And omg, what a statement!! It was the coolest thing! They all had a colour to match their dresses, so you’ll know who threw what!

I honestly don’t really know what to say about this day because it was all kinds of epic. More weddings like this please!! Thank you Cat and Rhys for putting on such an incredible day and for choosing me to document it all. I had a blast!! 💜

Cat and Rhys