Baby Jacob

Oh how I love a newborn session!

If there’s one session I always get excited to receive an enquiry about, it’ll be a newborn session!

The year I first went self employed, when I was finishing up my photography degree, I shot more newborn sessions than I think I have any other year. Some of my very first clients were new parents with their sweet bundles of joy, and many of them led to weddings (so, if you’re one of my 2016 families, thank you for choosing me and recommending me!) I think maybe newborn sessions bring me so much happiness because they will always be some of the first sessions I shot when I started this bonkers journey in 2016 (how was that five years ago?!), and they’re sort of nostalgic in a way for me!

Well, here I am, sharing my joy with you! On your screen this evening is the super sweet baby Jacob, who I photographed when he was just three weeks old! I had first met his parents Jo and Chris a couple of months prior for their wonderful maternity session in Mersea, at which we had so much fun - I literally think they spent the entire time giggling. At the end of the session they asked if I might photograph his newborn photos when he arrived… Needless to say I was so excited when a couple of weeks later a message popped into my inbox with a photo of baby Jacob. He had arrived!

We photographed their session at home, in between Jacob’s cries, feeds, and naps (mostly in that order). Although Jo and Chris profusely apologised, it literally doesn’t matter to me! Part of documenting your newborn means throwing myself fully into the shoot - no matter if your little one is happy or sad - I am here to embrace the chaos!

Being able to document your new baby, in all their tiny glory, in the cosy comfort of your own home is something that always makes my heart happy. I hope that as your little one grows up, you can remind yourselves of the beauty in the madness. Of how they looked so tiny in those first outfits. Or how exciting it felt to have a little person who is so very loved by you in a way you never knew possible.

Without further ado, I hope you enjoy this session, and Jo and Chris, thank you so much for asking me to take these photographs.

We used Grace for our maternity photoshoot and then for our newborn photoshoot. She was really accommodating with days and times that suited us with a newborn and came to our house to take the photos so we could be relaxed in our own environment. She was very patient, calm, friendly and understanding. It’s not easy to take photos of a baby that won’t pose and do what you want them to do on demand! Despite this, Grace got a great selection of amazing photos that we’ll treasure forever - it’s scary how quickly babies change so to have these photos as memories is invaluable. She also used a relaxed and more natural approach to the photos - not just the generic “new born baby poses” where all the babies look the same!! Grace’s photos take pride of place on our living room wall and we shall be getting her back for more photos in the future! Highly recommend!
Baby Jacob