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Ashling and Mat

A DIY wedding in the heart of Devon. 💜

What more could you want? This lovely, family-centred wedding in Ashburton, Devon, was truly so sweet. Ashling and Mat wed in the local church, the same place that generations of their families have wed at. This wedding was a huge team effort too, and really brought home that weddings aren’t about the super fancy things, the expensive luxury one off items. They’re about working together, small contributions, community spirit, and having a day that feels true to you both. At the end of the day the most important thing is that you make your vows to one another, everything else is just a wonderful addition. 🥰

When I met Ashling before she headed to the church, I asked her what kind of day it would pan out to be. She said how lots of people had helped bring it together and how it would ‘probably be one of the lower end budget weddings you’ve done’ - and that apparently their Ginger Golf, which had been lovingly restored by Mat, was more expensive than their wedding! But I told her not to worry or downplay their day. I don’t care for how much you’ve spent. Weddings aren’t about showing off, they’re about two people getting married, and being able to document and celebrate with everyone you love. I’ve always loved a DIY wedding as they feel so wholesome, and often go home feeling like I’m one of the family! Everyone who books me is treated the same way, and the diversity that each of my couples bring to their wedding days is what makes them so unique. 💜

Thank you Ashling and Mat for being so wonderful, I loved being your photographer and went home with a huge smile! A true Devon wedding. 🌞

Ah Grace! I’ve just had the quickest look through them and they’re so amazing!!!! Everyone’s been telling me how lovely you were 🥰 They are so perfect! Thank you so much for capturing it all so perfectly!!
Ashling and Mat