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Anya, Sam and Lewis

The most precious family. 🥺

Anya and Sam are one of my lovely 2023 couples, they get married later this year at their family farm, and having met them last night, I truly cannot wait!!I met up with them for their pre wedding session at a very stormy Northam Burrows, and although we brought the shoot forward by two hours, it still almost got rained off! But not one to give up, Anya gave me the go ahead and we went for it, rain or shine. We were also working against the infamous spring tide - and let me tell you, it came in fast!But these three smashed it! I have to say, I think this might be my new favourite weather to shoot in! It was so quiet at the beach too, which just helped bring the calm we all needed. Being photographed is definitely a bit nerve wracking, as is meeting people you’ve never met before, but it truly couldn’t have been better. ☺️

A special thank you also to the entourage behind the camera, in the form of Anya’s dad and her friend, who both helped look after little Lewis, your help was much appreciated!Thank you all for coming to meet me, it was genuinely absolutely lovely and I am so excited for your wedding day now! 💜

Anya, Sam and Lewis