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Abbey and Owen

Abbey and Owen. 💜

Two people so much like myself and Jack that it was bordering on spooky. 👻 But more importantly it was just super lovely. ☺️Last Monday I met up with these absolute dreamboats, who travelled all the way from Somerset to meet me, and were thankfully blessed with a gorgeous Saunton sunset. Honestly this was one for the books!! This wonderful pair are such an affirmation that I am booking the right couples. Humans that are so similar to me, both in style, spirit, morals and mindset. It is truly so wonderful to meet up with two people who are, on paper, strangers, and to have such a good time it feels like you’ve been friends forever. I’m really thankful to call this my job. 🥰

Abbey and Owen, I had so much fun with you both and you are truly such beautiful souls. Thank you for travelling so far to meet me and for trusting the entire process. I cannot wait for your wedding day… Can it be September already?! 🌞

Abbey and Owen