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5 Top Tips for Weddings in Different Seasons

When you're planning your wedding day, maybe you already have a day, month or season in mind... But to get the best out of your photographs, there are some things to consider. So, let's get right to it!

Lizzie and Ryan's wedding at Driftwood Spars, St Agnes, March 2022

1. Consider your ceremony time

During the winter, the light leaves us much earlier, meaning if you book a late ceremony, you might not have any time for outdoor group and couple photos! Of course they can be done inside, but for me it's always a last resort! In the winter, I always advise booking your ceremony as early as possible, around midday is perfect, and allowing two hours to get your group, couple and candid photographs done! In the summer however, later ceremonies can be lovely, often times around 2-3pm, so you're not working with midday blazing hot sunshine (some days can be scorchers!)

Louise and Matt's elopement at Sandy Cove, Ilfracombe, April 2022

2. Consider the weather and your venue layout - and have wet weather options for photographs and guests!

It might sound like an obvious one, but consider your venue and the time of year that you're booking it. Maybe you viewed it in July but are planning a December wedding... things will be different on the day! For instance, many venues do a 'room changeover', where your ceremony room will be changed into your reception room whilst you're enjoying drinks and canapés... This is great in the summer, when you and your guests can mingle on a sunny day on the lawn, but not so much in the winter when it's raining and everyone is freezing! Make sure your venue has ample space for guests if the weather isn't great, no one wants to be cooped up in a tiny room or under a veranda, so having a large space to entertain them is always welcomed (and helps us to get more candid photographs!)

Lily and Alex's wedding in Newton Abbott, September 2021

3. Consider your photographer's work and make sure to see galleries across different seasons

I have friends who work all year around, friends who love winter weddings over summer weddings, and friends who work 50% of the year - often not in the winter. For me, the latter is generally the case, because so much of my work is based around working with natural daylight and summer colours. I do love an autumnal wedding, but winter weddings can be a huge challenge in terms of light and don't always fit the style of work I want to offer, so if you are booking your photographer for a winter wedding, ensure you've seen examples of their work in this season. I use flash in dark ceremony rooms and for evening receptions to create as much of a balanced, natural look as possible, but it will still make your photographs look very different, and is worth considering! This is why I openly send full galleries to prospective couples, across different seasons, with different weathers (even rain in August!)

Allison and Chloe's wedding at Colehayes Park, September 2021

4. Consider your outfit choice!

I know you adore your dress or suit, and will initially be very precious about it, but the chances are it's going to get a little muddy (in winter) and dusty (in summer). It's also best to consider shoe options for soggy ground, train designs on dresses (unless you're not super bothered about it being muddy) and to think about how hot or cold you will be (maybe a tweed suit and a dress with lace sleeves isn't ideal in summer!). Generally knowing that although we will do our best to keep your outfits clean, they can get dirty. It's best to embrace the day and have incredible photos to look back on rather than wishing you'd been more relaxed on the day about your outfit. And definitely don't buy anything you'll be uncomfortable in, as it will knock your confidence!

Emily and Vincent's wedding at Ellenborough Park, Cheltenham, September 2021

5. Consider a weekday wedding

If your budget is stretched, some venues offer 'off peak' dates, even during the summer. These can be a lot cheaper, and mean you can extend your celebrations into a long weekend (if you book a Thursday for example!) Unfortunately I don't offer discounted full day weddings, but I do offer elopement and micro wedding packages for weekday weddings, which are tailored to tiny weddings and smaller budgets. 

I hope this has helped you whilst you're planning your wedding! Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!

5 Top Tips for Weddings in Different Seasons